2000 - 2500 PSI

Oval Gear Alum. 1" (2000 PSI)

Add a powerful and reliable flowmeter to your business when you order an oval gear flowmeter. These aluminum flowmeters are designed with 2000 PSI and have a connection size of 1". Make getting precise measurements of the flow of liquids or gases easier for your business. Our selection of oval gear flowmeters includes the OM025M001-220, OM025M001-820G5, and more! Shop the full selection of aluminum oval gear flowmeters and order one for your business today.

Turbine Meter SS 3" (2500 PSI)

Get the high-pressure measurements you need for your business when you invest in a turbine flowmeter. Made out of strong stainless steel these flowmeters will help your business get precise measurements of gas and liquid flow. Designed to fit a 3" connection these turbine flowmeters are easy to fasten. Shop our selection of stainless steel turbine flowmeters including the GNT-300S2-5, GNT-300S2-6 and more! Shop our full selection of 2500 PSI turbine flowmeters below and find the best one for your business.