3000 - 4350 PSI

Turbine SS  1/2" to 2" (3000 PSI)

Each of our turbine flowmeters is designed to give accurate measurements of liquids or gases. Find the best turbine meter for your business with our selection of 3000 PSI flowmeters. These flowmeters range in connection size from 1/2" to 2". Easily read measurements from a convenient digital screen. Shop our selection of 3000 PSI flowmeters including the G2H05N09GMA, G2H15N09GMB, and more. Shop our full selection of stainless steel turbine flowmeters below and order for your company today.

Oval Gear SS 2" (4350 PSI)

Oval gear flowmeters help your get accurate flow readings on liquids or gases. Easily add these oval gear meters with the 2" connection size. Made of durable stainless steel, these flowmeters are not only built to last but allow you to easily read measurements. Our selection of 4350 PSI oval gear flowmeters includes the OM050H513-220, OM050H513-820G5, and more. View our full selection of 4350 PSI oval gear flowmeters below and start getting precise readings for your company.