316SS Hi-Accuracy

High accuracy flowmeter equipment is available at Great Plains Industrial at one of the lowest prices online. We understand that each measurement needs to be exact and give you the data you need. High accuracy flowmeters are used for applications that require a very high level of reliability and accuracy. These applications include water, beer, or wine. When you need a high accuracy flowmeter you can count on GPI to provide honesty and precision. With such an extensive amount of different size flowmeters, we’re positive that we can fulfill the needs of your business. These flowmeters are for use in pre-process applications where high accuracy is required without 3-A Approval.

At Great Plains Industries, we’ve been building rugged, reliable, liquid flowmeters for over 35 years. We supply flowmeters that are genuine GPI/Flowmec meters, new from the factory. We carry the complete line of GPI flow meters, including turbine meters and magnetic meters. Our company boasts one of the largest flowmeter inventories online. Our business is the design, manufacture, and marketing of liquid handling, agricultural, and recreational products. We succeed because we provide customers with innovative, reliable, safe, timely, and competitively-priced products.When you order online, you receive free ground shipping from UPS. Find the one to fit your flowmeter needs and order online today. Are you interested in finding out more about metering your facility's needs? Get in touch with one of our representatives at (888) 722-FLOW(3569) or contact us online!

1/2"   0.6-6.0 GPM

1/2"   0.8-6.0 GPM

1/2"   0.8-6.0 GPM

3/4"  1.6-16 GPM

3/4"  2.3-23 GPM

1"  6.7-67 GPM

1½"  17.7-177 GPM

2" 33-330 GPM