Flowmeter 435 - 495 PSI

GPImeters is dedicated to bringing you only the best of the best in high-pressure Flowmeters. Our selection of Flowmeter 435 - 495 PSI is no exception to our high standard quality. Designed with precision in mind, our high-quality flowmeter 435 -495 PSI has an impeccable accuracy with its measurements. From our Oval Gear Aluminum Flowmeter 435 PSI to our Oval Gear SS1 ½” Flowmeter 425 -495 PSI, we are confident that we have one of the best selection of quality flowmeter 435 -495 PSI in the entire industry. Not only do we have the absolute best in Flowmeter 435 - 495 PSI we have the absolute best pricing. If you need the best in Flowmeter 435 - 495 PSI at the best pricing, shop with GPImeters!

Oval Gear Alum 1 1/2" (435 PSI)

Get the most precise measurements when you have a flowmeter for your business. Flowmeters offer you the most accurate readings on gas and liquid flow. At GPImeters, we offer many different kinds of flowmeters including oval gear aluminum flowmeters. Designed with a connection size of 1 1/1" this flowmeter will accurately read flow measurements and display them on a digital screen. Shop our selection of oval gear aluminum flowmeters including the OM040A001-820M4, OM040A001-822G5, and more! Shop our full selection of 1 1/2" aluminum oval gear flowmeters below.

Oval Gear SS 1/8" - 3/8" (495 PSI)

Oval Gear SS 1 1/2" (435 PSI)

Start getting the accurate measurements you need for your business with an oval gear flowmeter. These oval flowmeters are made of high-quality stainless steel and are designed to fit a connection size of 1 1/2". Make reading measurements easier than ever when you invest in an oval gear flowmeter. Some of these oval flowmeters with this connection size include the OM040S513-820M4, OM040S513-822G6, and more! Order a new flowmeter to get precise measurements for your business today.