550 - 725 PSI

Oval Gear Alum. 1/2 & 1"(580 PSI)

Oval Gear SS 1/2 & 1" (580 PSI)

Oval Gear SS 2" (550 PSI)

Oval gear meters are perfect for getting the precise measurements you need about the flow of gases and liquids. These oval gear flowmeters are designed with high-quality stainless steel and 550 PSI. Connect these oval flowmeters with a 2" connection size. Make getting accurate measurements easier than ever for your business. Our selection of these flowmeters include OM050S513-822G6, OM050S513-822G5, and more! View our full selection of 550 PSI oval gear flowmeters and find the best one to gather measurements for your business.

Oval Gear SS 1½" 2" (725 PSI)