Aggressive Chemicals

PVDF 1/2" & 1"

SS Hi-Accuracy 1/2 - 2"

SS Hi-Accuracy 3/4 - 2"FL

Ultrasonic   1/2 - 240"

Types of Chemical Flow Meters for Aggressive Chemicals

There are three main types of chemical flowmeters that can handle damaging or aggressive chemicals. These include:

  • PVDF Flowmeters — Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a plastic material made to be chemically resistant through its high thermal stability and non-reactive nature.
  • Precision All SS Flowmeters — Precision all stainless steel meters can withstand high temperatures and pressures, and resist corrosion, with high accuracy.
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters — In addition to being leak-proof, many models can handle harsh environments and toxic chemicals due to their non-intrusive clamp-on style.

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