Beer & Wine Flow Meters

The beer brewing industry is booming. Homebrewing, small-scale producers and large companies are experiencing a thriving global industry that continues to grow. With this much competition, you have to make the best brews to stay on top. Turbine meters are a more cost-effective means to improve accuracy in the beer and winemaking process. A brewery flow meter can also be advantageous for fermented beverages such as kombucha and other drinks including cold brew coffee, sodas and seltzers.

Using a brewing flow meter makes each batch consistent and improves the quality of the product. Brewers and winemakers alike will benefit from the increased efficiency and enhanced bottom line that a beer flow meter provides.

What is a Turbine Brewery Flow Meter?

A turbine brewing flow meter measures volumetric flow. Liquid moving through the meter causes the internal turbine to spin. One of the turbine blades contains a magnet that passes by a magnetic pickup sensor. As the turbine spins, an electrical pulse is generated. The pulse rate increases or decreases with the flow rate of the liquid. The electronic display counts the pulses and is calibrated to convert the pulse rate to a rate of flow such as GPM.

Beer Flow Meter Options

Brewing systems are unique and differ depending on the size of the operation and the needs of the brewmaster. As such, there are various options for beer flow meters, as well.

Our precision turbine brewery flow meters come in a variety of connection sizes and are used for different flow ranges. All models feature a local display with an optional pulse-out design. This versatile piece of equipment works for both wine and beer applications.

We carry turbine beer flow meters and wine flow meters, both with and without a 3-A Sanitary Standards designation. High-accuracy flow meters with a 3-A designation are typically used for water, beer or wine applications that require reliability and accuracy at a very high level. All G2, G non-3-A and G 3-A beer flow meters are appropriate for beer, wine and spirits recipes.

Precision Turbine Brewery Flow Meters

Precision turbine beer flow meters are used to ensure accuracy in the alcoholic-beverage-making process. These beer and wine flow meters are for applications that require high accuracy without 3-A approval.

The non-3-A Precision Turbine Meters do not have a stated surface finish level but are smooth and provide a more cost-effective option for beer, wine and spirits.

Our G-Series models are designed with a tri-clamp connection to attach to pipes easily. Additional benefits include:

  • Variety of connection sizes
  • Used for different flow ranges
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures as low as -450°F and as high as 800°F.

When fitted with an appropriate sensor, high-quality flow meter bodies like the GSCP-0511XX and GSCP-05175XX can send an NPN Pulse Out/Conditioned Signal to equipment such as a Control Panel, Batch Controller or PLC.

Precision Turbine Type 3-A Beer Flow Meters

The 3-A designation denotes equipment that's easier to clean, inspect and maintain. The 3-A-rated beer flow meters have polished rotors and body interiors, so there are minimal crevices and areas where bacteria can grow. The RA 32 polished finish results in an increased cost for these meters.

Do I Need a 3-A Brewing Flow Meter?

In most brewery or winery applications, a 3-A designated brewing flow meter is not necessary. Meter choice should be based on the following:

  1. Flow rate
  2. Size
  3. Cost
  4. Sanitary Requirements

If you have questions about the best model for your operation, contact us and we will help you choose the best and most cost-effective brewery flow meter for your needs.

Advantages of Brewing Flow Meters

A brewery flow meter is a low-maintenance, cost-effective addition to your beverage production system. It will help you maintain consistent quality, while also offering these features and benefits:

  • Accurate and reliable
  • Compact design
  • Self-contained and easy to clean
  • Digital Read Out
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Sanitary meters meet SIP (Steam in Place) and CIP (Cleaned in Place) standards
  • Can be installed inline and are not dependent on mounting orientation

Common Uses for Beer Flow Meters

Beer flow meters work well in all stages of the brewing process. Before, during and after the bottling process, a beer or wine flow meter will make the system more accurate and efficient.

They are used throughout the entire process to measure hot water as it goes into a mash tank, and during bottling or afterward to measure chemicals for clean up.

GPImeters for Breweries and Wineries

Accurate measurements are an integral piece of brewing craft beers and making quality wines. A beer flow meter ensures accurate measurements and takes the guesswork out of brewing so you get the perfect amount of water in your recipe every time. GPImeters offers a huge selection of beer and wine flow meters to assist in the fermenting process. Our selection of meters for beer and wine includes turbine meters, precision turbine meters and precision turbine type 3-A rated options. Great Plains Industries has been building rugged and reliable brewery flow meters for more than 35 years. Ground shipping is free when you order online. Find the perfect beer flow meter to assist you in your brewing and order today!