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Common Types of Flow Meters

The following types of flow meters, or flowmeters, are commonly available. Each one has distinct features to help measure flow in pipes and systems.

  • Industrial flow meters — Mainly turbine types that measure liquids such as water, fuels, oils and chemicals. Feature heavy-duty designs with high accuracy at a low cost. Many output accessories are available.
  • Water flow meters — Durable and economical turbine PVC meters for measuring water flow rate and total. Battery-powered and lightweight.
  • Chemical flow meters — Nutating disc type meters that measure thin and medium weight fluid. Can be field-calibrated for more viscous fluids.
  • Lube flow meters — Economical oval gear positive displacement meters for fluids with higher viscosity.
  • Oval gear flowmeters — Volumetric positive displacement meters with high accuracy. Able to measure high-viscosity fluids.
  • Magmeters — Highly accurate electromagnetic meters with no moving parts. Compatible with many water-based fluids. Excellent for turf/irrigation.
  • Ultrasonic meters — QS200 meters are low-cost, low-maintenance, highly-accurate meters with no moving parts and excellent low-range readings.