Below is a list of GPI Meters frequently asked questions.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 888.722.3569.
Is GPImeters the manufacturer?
No, we are an authorized stocking distributor of Great Plains Industries & Flomec
Where is GPImeters located?
In Sparta, NJ
What are your hours of operation?
Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm Eastern Time


What series of flow meters do you stock?
We stock nearly the full line of the G2, A1, TM, QSE, FM, LM, and Economy Series meters, plus parts and accessories.

What is the typical lead time to ship?
We ship all stocked meter orders placed by 4:00pm the same day, otherwise, if not in stock, we will arrange for the factory to ship your order out within 2-3 business days if factory stocked. Factory stocked orders shipping via Air Freight can ship from the factory the same day when orders are placed with us prior to 12:00pm Eastern Time. Non-stock factory orders typically ship from the factory in 1-4 weeks. Please inquire for exact lead times.
Is Shipping Freight Free?
Yes, but only for orders placed online to ship via UPS Ground to any state in the continental United States.  This excludes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or Canada or any freight mode other than UPS Ground service.
Shipments under 1 Lb may ship via US Postal Service at our discretion.
Is there a minimum order amount? 
Yes, $25 per order/shipment
What is the status of my order?
Please log into your account to check online, or check your email for an acknowledgment that is sent out shortly after ordering. If your order is shipping from the factory, there may be a half day delay until you receive your acknowledgment. Otherwise, please contact us for an update on your order status.

Do you stock and sell parts and accessories?
Yes, please see  Modules ● Parts ● Accessories  or inquire for availability.

Can we purchase just the computer LCD display for the turbine meters?
Yes, but only for the G2, A1 and TM Series. Please see Modules ● Parts ● Accessories > Computer Displays.  If you would like us to program the computer to match your meter body and achieve its potential highest accuracy, please advise us the K/F: number on the side of the body. Allow one extra day for the computer to ship. There is no extra charge for this.

Do you repair the meters?
No. We will arrange for you to ship meters that need repair to the factory to be evaluated and repaired. We will contact you with the repair costs before shipping them back.   We can give an approximate repair estimate when you inquire but the factory will make the final determination of the repair costs after they evaluate it.

Can we return a used meter that just isn’ t the right meter for us?
Used meters are not returnable.

Can the meters be used for fluids with solids?
Our QSE Magmeter can be used for up to 20% solids.
Our QStar Ultrasonic Meter can be used for up to 15% solids. 
We do not recommend metering solids with our turbine or oval gear meters. The fluid should be filtered.

Can we return an un-used meter?
Yes. Please contact us for restocking charges. Meters must be unused, in original packaging, and with all original documentation.

What if we have a problem with a meter under warranty?
If you purchased the meter directly from us, please contact us and we will troubleshoot your problem as best as we can or put you in touch with the technical group at the factory.  If your problem cannot be resolved the factory will either repair the meter if it is defective or replace it.



Do you sell meters in LPM instead of GPM?
Yes. Just about all our GPM meters can be programmed in LPM by us or the end user. Contact us for information on how to do that or see the manual. If you want to order an A1 or G2 meter already programmed for LPM and with paper work that reflects LPM, just change the standard Model No. from GM to LM and enter it in our search box.  For example if you would see the web page for Model G2S10N09GMA but in Liters, change the PN to G2S10N09LMA and search for the web page to order from.
How long should the lithium batteries last in the G2, A1 and TM Meters?
Approximately 9000 hours.

Why does the LCD display not turn off or go to sleep like it used to?
The new computer LCD displays actually use less power than the previous display even though it stays on. This extends the battery life.

Are turbine meters suitable for metering oil?
Yes, but only if the viscosity is under 100 cp (centipoise), the viscosity does not fluctuate, and the oil is compatible with the internal components of the meter.  We recommend you do not use turbine meters for oil when the viscosity can fluctuate or if temperature changes occur causing viscosity fluctuations, as inaccurate readings can result. Also, the meter would have to be field calibrated for each change of viscosity. We recommend our OM Series Oval Gear meters that can accurately meter virtually any viscosity up to 1,000,000 cp even if it changes.

Can the meters be factory calibrated for my specific media?
No. Meters are factory calibrated for 1.0 specific gravity only using a Stoddard solution. The meters can be easily calibrated in the field for your specific media.

Are aluminum meters suitable for metering water?
We recommend you do not use our aluminum body meters for water as corrosion will cause the meter’ s accuracy to decline over time.

Which meters work with Deionized (DI) water?
Please contact us if you are working with DI, DM, RO or Ultra-Pure waters. Only a select group of meters work with these waters.

Can you change the Unit of Measure to something other than GPM or LPM?
Yes. Please contact us for those options.

How do I change the 01A31GM & 01N31GM meters to read in LPM?
1) Remove the LCD Computer by unscrewing the 4 screws that hold it in place
2) Remove at least one battery from the back of the computer for about 15 seconds
3) Press and hold the Display button while you are reinserting the battery
    The Display will now read LTR if it previously read GAL (to change it back, follow the same procedure)
    Note that the Batch and Cumulative Totals will also be reset to 0.0
4) Screw the LCD computer back into place.

How do I change the 09 Computer Display on Series  G2, A1, TM and 03 Meters between GPM  and LPM?
1) Press and hold down the Calibrate button
2) While holding down the Calibrate button, press the display button
    The display in the upper left corner will change from GL to LT  (GL = Gallons, LT = Liters)

How do I reset the Cumulative Total (TOTAL 1) for the G2, A1 and TM Meters?
1) Remove the LCD Computer by unscrewing the 4 screws that hold it in place
2) Remove 1 battery from the back of the computer
3) Press and hold the Display button
4) While holding the Display button, re-insert the battery
    The Cumulative Total should now be reset to 0.00. Screw the LCD computer back into place. 
    If the total does not reset to zero, the meter may have been purchased with the request that the User be restricted from clearing the
    Cumulative Total. Please call if this is the case.

How do I reset the Batch Total for the G2, A1, and TM Series Meters?
1) Press the Display button until TOTAL 2 BATCH appears on the display
2) Press and hold the Display button for 4 seconds.
    The Batch Total should now be reset back to 0.00.
How do I reset the Batch Total for the  01 Series Meters?
1) Press the Display button until TTL1 (Batch Total) appears on the display
2) Press and hold the Display button for 4 seconds.
    The Batch Total should now be reset back to 0.00