Flowmeter G2 - Industrial


Industrial Flowmeter

Industrial flow meters are instruments that are used to measure liquids, gases and more. As fellow engineers, there are plenty of things that go into finding the right flow meter for usage. At GPI Meters, we know that you are looking for an economical solution to measure what you need, whether that be a liquid flow meter, gas flow meter or thermal flow meter.


We offer complete flow metering systems that include all the needed components to make accurate flow measurements. You can find a flow meter to meet all of the qualifying criteria of your industry. Are you looking for an aluminum flow meter or a brass flow meter? Do you need your industrial flow meter to have a continuous or totalized flowrate? Should the transmission be analog or digital? Find the right flow meter here.



Find the perfect flowmeter for your company to measure the flow of gasses, liquids, and more! Each of these industrial flowmeters are made of durable stainless steel and have a connection size ranging from 1/2" to 1 1/2". Easily read measurements with a digital screen on the flowmeter g2s. Shop these industrial grade flowmeters including the G2S07N09GMA, G2S10N09GMA, and more! Find the perfect g2s flowmeter for your business and start getting accurate measurements.

G2S - SS  Tri-Clamp

Start getting accurate measurements of liquids and gases when you have a flowmeter. These tri-clamp flowmeters are made of heavy-duty steel and have a connection size ranging from 3/4" to 2 1/2". All of these flowmeters digitally display results and are easy to read. Find the best tri-clamp flowmeter to suit your business' needs. Our selection includes flowmeters such as the G2S10T09GMA, G2S07T09GMA and more! Shop our full selection and start getting accurate measurements with some help from GPImeters.

G2S - SS  Flanged

G2S - SS  All Configs

For Electronics Diagrams, click links in left column below.
For Electronics Diagrams, click links in left column below.

G2H - SS NPT  3000 PSI

G2B - Brass

G2 Turbine Meters   Brass   Threaded   300 PSI Rated

G2A - Aluminum

G2 Turbine Meters   Aluminum   Threaded   300 PSI Rated
Not Suitable for Water Applications


G2 Turbine Meters   PVDF   Threaded   100 PSI Rated