Flowmeter OM080 3" (10-200 GPM)

It can be challenging to find quality oval gears. Not only is it difficult finding good oval gears, but it can also be extremely costly. Fortunately, GPImeters is dedicated to bringing you only the best of the best in quality Flowmeter OM080 3” oval gear meters at the best pricing. From our Aluminum 175 to 316LSS we are confident that we have the perfect OM080 Flowmeter 3” for you. Just like all our products, our OM080 Flowmeter 3" are highly durable and designed with quality in mind. If you want the best of the best in OM080 Flowmeter 3" shop with GPImeters today!

Aluminum (175 PSI)

OM080A  Oval Gear Meters   Aluminum/Viton   175 PSI

316LSS (175 PSI)

OM080S  Oval Gear Meters   316LSS/PTFE   175 PSI