OM100A001-222 (4" NPT Female) Aluminum

OM Series - OVAL GEAR Positive Displacement w/ Pulse Out Only


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Main Specifications

  • Housing Material: Aluminum
  • Meter Body Size: 4"
  • Connection Size: 4"
  • Connection Type: NPT Female
  • Design: Oval Gear - Alum. - Pulse Out Only (145 PSI)
  • Flow Range: 20 - 400 GPM (75-1500 LPM)

Features & Benefits

Excellent for applications with fluctuating or multiple viscosities - No field calibrating required; Accuracy: ± 0.5% Of Reading; Up to 1,000 cps Viscosity; No straight pipe requirements; Bi-directional; PPS Rotors are immune to galling (adhesive wear); PPS Rotors produce less noise than metal rotors


Metering clean fluids such as Oils, Grease, Fuels, Fuel Oils, Lubricating Liquids

Application Notes

The meter may be mounted horizontally or vertically but must be mounted so the rotor shafts are in horizontal plane (see manual), For viscous liquids the maximum allowable flow may need to be reduced to ensure the pressure drop across the meter does NOT exceed 15 PSI, Viscosities <3cps, min. flow range is 10% of maximum flow range, Line must be full (no air) for proper accuracy

Flow Specifications

  • Accuracy (% of Reading) Factory Calibrated with Computer: ± 0.5% (±0.2% Opt'l) @ 3cp
  • Repeatability (based on test conditions): ± 0.03%
  • Pressure Rating: 145 PSI (10 Bar)
  • Operating Temp Without Local Computer or With Remote Computer: 5 to 250°F (-15 to 120°C)
  • Max Pressure Drop (at Max Flow in test conditions): Contact us
  • Maximum Viscosity: 1,000 cps
  • Recommended Strainer Size: 45 Mesh (350 Microns)
  • Max. Particle Size: .014" / .354 mm

Wetted Materials

  • Housing Material: Aluminum
  • Rotor: PPS
  • Bearings: None
  • Shaft: Stainless Steel
  • Seals: FKM (Viton™)

General Information

  • Design: Oval Gear - Alum. - Pulse Out Only (145 PSI)
  • Std Calibration Reports Included: Yes
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year
  • Approvals Notes: CE Approval is applied when meter is part of a system
  • Comments: Actual meter may be different than picture.
  • Comments: *Hall Effect Sensor requires dedicated power source. Please inquire for output pulse resolution.

Meter Display & Output Signal

  • Display Type: None
  • Local/Remote Display: None
  • Remote Output: None


Please Contact Us For Options
  • Local Module & Output Signal: Open Collector (NPN) Unscaled Pulse
  • Optional Accessories:
  • Related Parts:
  • Misc. Options: 0.2% Accuracy or 176°F Ratings


  • Typical K-Factor PPG (PPL): Reed: 4.15 (1.10), Hall Effect: 16.6 (4.40)
  • Sensor (Pickup): Reed Switch / Hall Effect*
  • Battery Power: n/a

Piping Requirements

  • Desired Straight Pipe Dia.s: None
  • Minimum Straight Pipe Dia.s: None

Weight & Dimensions

  • Connection to Connection Length (OAL): 11.6" (294mm)
  • Shipping Weight (Approximate): 52 lbs (23.6 kg)

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