Positive Displacement Meters

Lube Meter Alum - FNPT

Made from aluminum, liquid crystal polymer, stainless steel and buna, our flowmeter lube meter is highly durable and perfect for you. These amazing positive displacement meters have a pressure rating of 1500 psi, a maximum viscosity of 5 - 1,000 cps and an operating temperature ranging from -4°F to 140°F. Not only are our flowmeter lube meters designed with durability in mind, but with a digital LCD screen with six digits, our flowmeter lube meter is also designed for easy use. If you are interested in a durable and convenient positive displacement meter, purchase one of our flowmeter lube meters today.

Oval Gear Alum - FNPT

Oval Gear Alum - Flanged

Oval Gear SS - FNPT

Oval Gear SS - Flanged

Oval Gear PPS - FNPT