QStar - Ultrasonic

Fixed Mounted

The QStar series of Fixed-Mount Ultrasonic Flowmeters are lightweight, non-intrusive, leak-proof and durable. Designed for applications in cooling water, boiler feed water, petrochemicals, and aggressive and toxic fluids, our collection of fixed mount QStar Ultrasonic Meters is available in a variety of connection sizes and flow ranges to accommodate your specific applications. From the 8" - 240" QMF05 to the 1/2" - 4" QMF20 , call (888) 722-3569 to verify that the QStar series of Fixed Mount Ultrasonic Meters is suitable for your unique application.


Get all the benefits of QStar Ultrasonic Meters in a portable design! Ideal for applications in beverages, chemicals, cooling water and more, our selection of Portable QStar Ultrasonic Flowmeters features high-quality construction, durability, no internal moving parts, zero to low-pressure drop and a 15% solids maximum. Check out the QMP20 , QMP10 and QMP05 to find the portable QStar Ultrasonic Flowmeter that is suitable for your application.