Flowmeter Beer / Wine

The beer brewing industry is booming. Homebrewing, small-scale producers and large companies are experiencing a thriving global industry that continues to grow. With this much competition, you have to make the best brews to stay on top. Turbine meters are a more cost-effective means to improve accuracy in the beer and winemaking process. A brewery flow meter can also be advantageous for fermented beverages such as kombucha and other drinks including cold brew coffee, sodas and seltzers.

Using a brewing flow meter makes each batch consistent and improves the quality of the product. Brewers and winemakers alike will benefit from the increased efficiency and enhanced bottom line that a beer flow meter provides.

What is a Turbine Brewery Flow Meter?

A turbine brewing flow meter measures volumetric flow. Liquid moving through the meter causes the internal turbine to spin. One of the turbine blades contains a magnet that passes by a magnetic pickup sensor. As the turbine spins, an electrical pulse is generated. The pulse rate increases or decreases with the flow rate of the liquid. The electronic display counts the pulses and is calibrated to convert the pulse rate to a rate of flow such as GPM.