Flowmeter OM - Oval Gear

Oval Gear Flowmeters

Oval gear flowmeters are a direct volume positive displacement measuring tool that is known for longevity and accuracy in the field. Our flowmeters have sturdy, shock-resistant aluminum covers, protecting the flowmeters from demanding industrial environments. At GPI Meters, our oval gear flowmeters are the best on the market! Are you interested in finding out more about oval gear flowmeters? Get in touch with one of our representatives at (888) 722-3569 or contact us online!

OM004 1/8" (.13-9.5GPH)

OM006  1/4" (.5-27 GPH)

OM008  3/8" (4-145 GPH)

OM015  1/2" (.26-10GPM)

OM025  1" (2.6-40 GPM)

OM040  1½" (4-66 GPM)

OM050  2" (8-120 GPM)

OM080  3" (10-200 GPM)

OM080E 3" (13-260GPM)

Oval Gear - Aluminum  (175 PSI)

OM100   4" (20-400 GPM)

Oval Gear - Aluminum  (145 PSI)