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May 16, 2022 Flow Meters GPImeters

Accurate measuring is a vital part of every business's manufacturing and production process. As the old saying goes, "Measure twice, cut once." The food and beverage sector is no different in that regard. Precise, accurate flow measurement is a necessity for any food and beverage producer for a variety of reasons. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and advantages of using proper flow metering for food and beverage production.

The Benefits Of Accurate Food And Beverage Flow Measurement

Food Processing Production Benefits

Using proper flow metering and monitoring, you can gain several benefits during the production process. Measurement, monitoring and flow rate control are vital to your business's operational efficiency. For non-Newtonian fluids such as ketchup, soap and toothpaste, their flow behaviors require an additional understanding of fluid flow and measurement. Some of the production benefits of proper flow measurement tools include accurate blending, appropriate distillation and precise data collection.

Accurate Blending

When dealing with mixture products such as liquid detergent, a precise flow rate is crucial for proper composition and coloring. Even minor degrees of difference between flow rate of chemical mixtures can drastically affect product efficacy and compromise quality cross production runs. Using the proper flow measurement tools can provide for accurate blending of products with their ideal chemical mixtures.

Proper Brewing and Distillation

For beverages such as beer, spirits and soft drinks, brewing and distillation are fundamental to their creation. Prior to bottling, each beverage has a multi-stage process of incorporating ingredients such as yeast, sugar, caramel or carbonation. Using beer flow meters like turbine or electromagnetic flowmeters to monitor fluids and adjust their rates ensures that each drop receives the proper amount of brewing and distillation at just the right time. Introducing flow metering controls at various stages can help you produce more consistent beverages and ease the bottling process by controlling volume.

Precise Data and Ingredients

Knowing everything you can about your products will drastically improve both quality and efficiency. Stable fluid flow rates produce stable products. While some fluids may mix poorly at certain flow velocities, others may require it. Knowing and understanding that data helps companies design their manufacturing processes to maximize efficiency from the beginning of production through the bottling process. Using flow metering makes it possible.

Quality Control Through Proper Flow Metering

Flow measurement tools are about more than efficiency and assisting with the production process. They have other applications for food and beverage manufacturers to consider when deciding on whether or not to introduce flow measurement into their production cycle. As we have previously mentioned, the consistency of your product can be handled through proper fluid flow methods. In addition to that, there are two other categories of quality control that can be greatly affected by proper flow instrument implementation: Taste and Health.


For food and beverage products such as butter, cheese, hot sauce and soda, how much of each ingredient makes its way into your final product can have a dramatic impact. Too much water can dilute your soda; not enough can leave it a thick, syrupy mess. The same goes for the amount of vinegar in your hot sauce. Flow measurement is essential to maximize output capacity while maintaining the same great product quality that your customers enjoy.

Health And Safety

Parallel to customer satisfaction is their health and safety. Many food and beverage products require complex stages of production to increase their quality and ensure that they are fit for public consumption. For instance, factors such as temperature and flow rate are crucial components to the pasteurization process of milk. Bulk fluid movement during pasteurization has to be carefully monitored otherwise the milk might not reach the necessary temperature to ensure bacteria elimination. Beer fermentation typically has certain temperature requirements depending on the type of yeast involved which can be regulated by fluid flow management. Proper flow metering can help your products meet all food safety requirements along with the highest possible standards.

Other Considerations Of Flow Measurement Instruments

In addition to what we have already discussed, there are other advantages to using proper flow metering equipment. Chief among them is cost control. Adequate flow regulation will reduce waste and subsequently reduce manufacturing costs. Flow metering will also provide the proper amount of liquid measurement for your bottling processes, further reducing waste, equalizing volume and stabilizing unit costs across your production runs. All of the advantages of proper flow metering lead to more efficient processing while increasing quality, ensuring safety and reducing costs.

The Benefits Of Accurate Food And Beverage Flow Measurement

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