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May 31, 2022 Flow Meters GPImeters
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Brewery owners know that consistent batches are the key to ensuring a perfect brew time after time. When you measure water flow into the mash tank or brewed beer before it's bottled, delivering consistent results is essential. That's why you need a brewery flow meter.

We'll discuss what a brewing flow meter is, what it does and how to use one. We'll also help you find the best brewery flow meter at GPImeters to ensure the quality of your brew from the first batch to the last.

What is a Beer Flow Meter?

A flow meter for beer tracks your flow through the entire brewing process, from mashing to bottling, to make your system more accurate and efficient.

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Just to note, a beer tap flow meter is used for a different purpose – bars use a beer tap flow meter to monitor the amount of draft beer being dispensed to customers and keep track of their stock.

How Does a Flow Meter for Brewing Work?

With a turbine flow meter, brewing is measured according to volumetric flow. As liquid moves through the meter, it causes the internal turbine to spin. The blades have magnets that pass by a magnetic pickup sensor. When the turbine spins, it generates an electrical pulse, which increases or decreases along with the liquid's flow rate. The electronic display counts the number of pulses and is calibrated to convert the pulse output rate to a flow rate (i.e., GPM).

How Can a Beer Flow Meter Make Your Brewery Better?

The right brewery flow meter can help you understand, control or monitor each process in your brewery. You need a brewing flow meter to monitor the amount of fluid in your process to maintain precision batch control.

How Do I Choose a Flow Meter for Beer?

First, establish the size of the flow meter by determining which flow range of each size best fits your application. For example, if your flow rate is typically 25 GPM, you would select a 1" flow meter which typically would have a range of 5-50 GPM. For best accuracy, it is preferred not to have the typical flow rate at the low or high end of the flow range but instead in the middle.

Look for a brewery flow meter that's as accurate as possible. You may choose to get a local display that can be read on the flow meter, a remote display that reads at a different location or a pulse out signal that connects to your logic controller. Your best value is a flow meter for beer from GPImeters. Every brewing flow meter we offer helps you hit your measurement targets every time. Features include:

  • High Accuracy
  • Easy Moving From One Process to the Next
  • Plug-and-Play Application
  • Low Maintenance
  • Quick and Simple Inline Installation and Disassembly
  • Sanitary Meters (Flowmeter Precision Turbine Type 3A) Meet CIP (Cleaned in Place) and Steamed in Place (SIP) Standards

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Whether brewing craft beers or making quality wines, accurate measurements are an essential part of the bottling process. A beer flow meter from GPImeters ensures precise measurements so you can be sure you're getting the right amount of water in your recipe every time. GPImeters has the brewery flow meters you need to ensure consistent batching systems. Find the perfect beer flow meter to help you create the perfect brew every time. Order yours today!

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About GPImeters

As an authorized stocking distributor of Great Plains Industries and FLOMEC, GPImeters offers a complete line of industrial digital and mechanical flow meters. All are genuine, new-from-the-factory GPI/FLOMEC meters. Along with the brewing industry, our products serve a wide range of companies in the industrial and commercial segments. Give us a call – we'll help you create customized solutions for your business.

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