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01N Economic Nylon Water Flow Meters

MODEL # Connection Size Flow Range Design QTY PRICE
01n nylon water flow meters


1" ISO 10 - 100 LPM (3 - 30 GPM) Economy Water Meter (10.3 Bar)
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01n water flow meters


1" NPT 3 - 30 GPM (10 - 100 LPM) Economy Water Meter (150 PSI)
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01n economic water flow meters


1" NPT 10 - 100 LPM (3 - 30 GPM) Economy Water Meter (10.3 Bar)
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The GPI digital water meters that we have in stock are GPI 01N economy water meters. They have a flow range of 3 GPM to 30 GPM or 10 LPM to 100 LPMs. These flow meters are designed by Great Plains Industries. Built for both indoor and outdoor usage, they perform for years to come.

Made to measure water, you can have your choice to measure in gallons or liters. It is also made of nylon. These 01N nylon water flow meters will give your company a great benefit. Find out if there are leaks, and explore ways to fix them. Order your 01N digital water meter here.

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Digital Flow Meters

Check out the collection of GPI flow meters online at GPImeters. We have model number 01N12LM, 01N31GM, and 01N31LM available. Digital water meters are devices used to accurately measure how much water (or liquid) is consumed by a commercial building or residential building. You can also use a digital flow meter to measure the amount of water leaving a source. The GPI industrial flow meters offer long-lasting, compact, and accurate fluid measurement systems for a variety of applications. Flow metering helps improve the precision, accuracy, and resolution of fluid measurement while also reducing waste and conserving water. Flow meters are an extremely efficient way to measure a wide variety of liquids. If you’re looking for the best value for high-quality digital water meters, then you’ve come to the right place. Browse our selection below and order your digital flow meter online today!