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Solvent Flow Meters

MODEL # Connection Size Flow Range Design QTY PRICE


1/2" 1 - 10 GPM (3.8 - 37.9 LPM) Alum. Industrial Grade Turbine Meter (300 PSI)
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3/4" 2 - 20 GPM (7.6 - 75.7 LPM) Alum. Industrial Grade Turbine Meter (300 PSI)
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1" 5 - 50 GPM (18.9 - 190 LPM) Alum. Industrial Grade Turbine Meter (300 PSI)
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1-1/2" 10 - 100 GPM (38.0 - 380 LPM) Alum. Industrial Grade Turbine Meter (300 PSI)
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2" 20 - 200 GPM (76 - 760 LPM) Alum. Industrial Grade Turbine Meter (300 PSI)
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*For Solvents, verify that the wetted components, including PVDF, are compatible with the intended solvent.

Shop a high-grade solvent flow meter at GPI Meters. FLOMEC flow meter for solvents comes in various aluminum options for heavy-duty applications. We carry industrial solvent flow meters, water flow meters, fuel flow meters, turbine flow meters, and many other products. Request a quote on one of our industrial flow meters today, or contact us with questions and concerns.

Discover the Power & Precision of Solvent Flow Meters for Your Industrial Processes

These advanced instruments are designed to accurately measure the volume or mass flow of solvents, ensuring optimal control and efficiency in your operations. With their reliable performance and high level of accuracy, solvent flow meters provide invaluable insights into solvent usage, allowing you to monitor and manage resources effectively.

FLOMEC solvent flow meters offer unparalleled reliability and accuracy, delivering real-time data on solvent flow rates. With their robust construction and advanced technology, these meters are built to withstand harsh industrial environments and provide long-lasting performance. Whether you need to monitor solvent consumption, ensure proper mixing ratios, or detect any irregularities in flow, our solvent flow meters offer the solutions you need.

FAQs About Solvent Flow Meters

What is a Solvent Flow Meter?

A solvent flow meter is a precise instrument used to gauge the volume or mass flow of a solvent. Its significance lies in accurately quantifying the amount of solvent involved in industrial production procedures. Solvents are categorized into organic solvents and inorganic solvents based on their chemical composition.

Are Solvent Flow Meters Suitable for Both Organic & Inorganic Solvents?

Yes, solvent flow meters are designed to handle both organic and inorganic solvents. They are engineered to accommodate a wide range of chemical compositions encountered in industrial processes. Whether you're dealing with volatile organic compounds or inorganic solvents, there are solvent flow meter options available to meet your specific requirements.

How Do Solvent Flow Meters Work?

Solvent flow meters typically employ different measurement principles such as thermal, ultrasonic, or differential pressure to gauge the flow of solvents. These meters have sensors or probes that interact with the solvent flow, providing data on volume or mass flow rates. The measurement principle varies depending on the specific type of solvent flow meter.