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Fertilizer Flow Meters

MODEL # Connection Size Flow Range Design QTY PRICE


1" 2 - 20 GPM Chemical Meter - Nutating Disc Type (50 PSI)
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1" 7 - 75 LPM Chemical Meter - Nutating Disc Type (50 PSI)
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1/2" 1.2 - 12 GPM (4.5 - 45.4 LPM) PVDF Turbine Meter - For Aggressive Chemicals (100 PSI)
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1" 5 - 50 GPM (18.9 - 190 LPM) PVDF Turbine Meter - For Aggressive Chemicals (100 PSI)
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1" 2.6 - 40 GPM (10-150 LPM) Oval Gear - PPS w/ Display & 4-20mA Output (70 PSI)
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1" 2.6 - 40 GPM (10-150 LPM) Oval Gear - PPS - Pulse Out Only (70 PSI)
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1" 2.6 - 40 GPM (10-150 LPM) Oval Gear - PPS w/ Display (70 PSI)
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We provide industrial-grade liquid fertilizer flow meters with various options for measuring liquid fertilizer. The GPI and FLOMEC range of products, including fertilizer meters, water flow meters, lube oil flow meters, solvent flow meters, and more, are meticulously crafted using top-quality materials. We prioritize excellence in manufacturing to deliver reliable and durable solutions. Whether you're in need of a fertilizer flow meter or any other specific meter, feel free to request a quote or get in touch with our dedicated team today. We're here to assist you.

Advanced Fertilizer Flow Meters for Precise Measurements

Experience unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in measuring fertilizer flow with GPI and FLOMEC state-of-the-art fertilizer flow meters. Designed specifically for the agricultural industry, GPI and FLOMEC flow meters offer reliable and precise measurements, enabling optimal nutrient application and maximizing crop yield.

GPI and FLOMEC fertilizer flow meters are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of agricultural environments, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. With their robust construction and resistance to dust, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, these meters are built to handle the demands of fertilizer applications in the field.

Maximizing Crop Yield Through Accurate Fertilizer Flow Measurement

Accurate flow measurement of fertilizers is essential for effective nutrient management, cost optimization, and environmental sustainability. GPI and FLOMEC liquid fertilizer flow meters provide real-time data on flow rates, allowing you to precisely monitor and control fertilizer usage, resulting in more efficient and targeted applications. This not only improves crop health but also helps minimize waste and protect the environment.

We offer a wide range of fertilizer flow meters to suit various needs and applications. Whether you require inline or insertion meters, digital or analog displays, or specific flow rate capacities, our comprehensive selection has you covered.

Fertilizer Flow Meters Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Liquid Fertilizer Flow Meters Measure the Flow Rate of Fertilizers?

Liquid fertilizer flow meters utilize various measurement principles such as electromagnetic, ultrasonic, or turbine-based technologies to determine the flow rate of liquid fertilizers. These meters feature sensors or probes that interact with the flowing liquid, providing accurate readings of the volume or mass flow rate.

Can Liquid Flow Meters Be Installed in Outdoor Environments?

Certainly. Liquid fertilizer flow meters are specifically engineered to endure challenging outdoor environments, such as agricultural fields where they come into contact with water, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and other common industrial fluids.

These meters are constructed with durability in mind, making them resistant to environmental elements like dust, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. With their robust design, these flow meters provide accurate real-time flow measurements for liquid fertilizers, ensuring optimal agricultural practices.

Why is Accurate Flow Measurement Important in Fertilizer Applications?

Accurate flow measurement in fertilizer applications is crucial for precise nutrient management. It allows farmers to apply the right amount of fertilizer to crops, ensuring optimal plant growth and yield while minimizing waste and potential environmental impact.