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1" ISO Female Aluminum

Totalizer Only (no rate of flow) 01A Series - FUEL METER

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Main Specifications
Connection Size: 1" ISO
Connection Type: Female
Flow Range: 10 - 100 LPM (3 - 30 GPM)
Pressure Rating: 300 PSI (21 Bar)
Operating Temp With Local Computer: 14°F to 130°F (-10°C to 54°C)
Part Number: 113255-3
Meter Body Size: 1"
Local/Remote Display: Local
Display Type: Digital LCD
Factory Calibrated For: Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene
Flow Meter Type: 01A Series - FUEL METER
Std Calibration Reports Included: No
Warranty Period: 2 Year
Product Type: Totalizer Only (no rate of flow)
Benefits & Features: Economical, Light Weight, Battery Powered, 4 Digit Display, Batch & Cumulative Totals, Auto On-Off, Factory Calibrated for Petroleum Fuel, Choice of Gallons or Liters, FM Approved
Max Pressure Drop (at Max Flow in test conditions): 1.5 PSI
Accuracy (% of Reading) Factory Calibrated with Computer: ± 5%
Repeatability (based on test conditions): ± 0.5%
Recommended Strainer Size: ~35 Mesh (500 Microns)
Housing Material: Aluminum
Bearings: Ceramic
Shaft: Tungsten Carbide
Rotor: Nylon
Signal Generator: Ferrite
Retaining Rings: 316SS
Local Computer Calibrations: Factory Only
LCD Digits: 4
Totalizing Display Starting Increment: 0.1
Local Module & Output Signal: None
Remote Output: None
Sensor (Pickup): Magnetic
Battery Power: (2) AAA Alkaline Batteries
Totalizing Resets to 0 After Reaching: 9999
Display Function: 2 Totals (1 Resettable Batch, 1 Cumulative)
Applications (always check Chemical Compatibility Guide): Gasoline (up to 15% alcohol blends such as E15), Diesel Fuel (up to 20% biodiesel blends such as B20), Biodiesel (B100) and Kerosene.
Not Suitable For Applications: Water, chemicals, aircraft fuel and liquids
Application Notes: Unidirectional, Can mount Horizontally or Vertically, Can use for Gravity Feeds, Does not indicate rate of flow, Line must be full (no air) for proper accuracy
Shipping Weight (Approximate): 2.0 lbs (0.9kg)
Connection to Connection Length (OAL): 102 mm (4.0")
Approvals Notes: See catalog page for full approval specs